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ANAD is here for YOU. Everyone has the right to love their body, regardless of size, shape, color, or ability. ANAD is here to help people overcome their fears and issues with eating and body image.

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Our blog is as diverse as our community: recovery stories, unique perspectives, help for families and loved ones, and why your future is worth fighting for!

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That first day at that ANAD support group was the beginning of what would be the first time in my life I had actually put effort into my own recovery.


And I looked at everyone out in that crowd and I just was so overwhelmed by how beautiful they were; and in that same second, my heart broke, because I realized they couldn't see how beautiful they were.


It's not something that I really try to allow into my life anymore, but it still exists, everyday I have to choose to recover.


It was in my first ANAD meeting, one cold night, I finally opened up and realized something might be wrong with me. That's where it all began.


Target Should Sell this T-Shirt: Fight. Recover. Repeat.

| ANAD Blog | No Comments

We all know how it goes, you walk into your local Target for “one thing” and within the first five minutes of walking through those beautiful red doors of happiness,…

Words are a Powerful Thing

Words are a Powerful Thing: Recovered vs Recovery

| ANAD Blog | No Comments

Words are a powerful thing. They can help raise someone up to their highest potential or they can tear someone to six feet under. Sometimes the words we use are…

Rogers memorial hospital

Patients and Providers Give Thanks for Life-Changing Treatment at Rogers

| ANAD Blog | No Comments

In her mid-twenties, Denise began a pattern of binging and purging to return to her pre-baby weight. Over 15 years, her distorted body image led her to binge and purge…

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