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That first day at that ANAD support group was the beginning of what would be the first time in my life I had actually put effort into my own recovery.


And I looked at everyone out in that crowd and I just was so overwhelmed by how beautiful they were; and in that same second, my heart broke, because I realized they couldn't see how beautiful they were.


It's not something that I really try to allow into my life anymore, but it still exists, everyday I have to choose to recover.


It was in my first ANAD meeting, one cold night, I finally opened up and realized something might be wrong with me. That's where it all began.


Recovery Story #10: I Am Choosing A Fulfilling Existence.

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My mom is a single mom, and “overwhelmed” would be the word I have to describe her, especially when I was young. I remember making the decision as a young…


Recovery Story #9: We Are Not Just Numbers.

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I was sexually abused when I was 15 years old and effectively hid it for four years thereafter. This forever changed me and how I viewed myself. Slowly from there…


Recovery Story #8: I Fell Into Self-Worth Quicksand.

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I fell into self-worth quicksand at a very young age. I’d cry in fitting rooms as a kindergartener, having noticed that I was chubbier. I had somewhere along the lines…


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