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That first day at that ANAD support group was the beginning of what would be the first time in my life I had actually put effort into my own recovery.


And I looked at everyone out in that crowd and I just was so overwhelmed by how beautiful they were; and in that same second, my heart broke, because I realized they couldn't see how beautiful they were.


It's not something that I really try to allow into my life anymore, but it still exists, everyday I have to choose to recover.


It was in my first ANAD meeting, one cold night, I finally opened up and realized something might be wrong with me. That's where it all began.

Stickers with words Diversity and Equality on wooden background

Transgender Day Of Remembrance

| ANAD Blog | No Comments

*I would like to preface this blog by saying that I do not identify as transgender and don’t “claim”  the difficult path that these folx have to walk everyday. As…


Recovery Story #18: I Was Fake Happy.

| ANAD Blog | No Comments

I was a dancer and wish I could say that I still am. My one passion became my ultimate demise. For thirty hours a week, I stared into a mirror…

During the psychological session. Nice professional female psychologist holding a pen and making notes while having a psychological session with her client

Always the Same: The Prevalence of White Therapists in Eating Disorder Recovery

| ANAD Blog | No Comments

The waiting room is always the same. Grey. Modern. Peaceful. With Mint Green accents. Nice, heavy pens. Cushy chairs. A Keurig stocked with “calming” teas and teacups. So I don’t…


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