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North Dakota State University

By September 26, 2017Colleges

North Dakota State University

1301 Administration Ave,
Fargo, North Dakota   58105


Eating Disorder Screening

Currently Not Available

Counseling Center Therapist

Marlys Borkhuis, M.S, LPC, Amber Bach-Gorman, M.S, NCC, LPC,  & Jaryn Allen, Ph.D, LP

ADDRESS: Counseling Center, 212 Ceres Hall, Fargo, ND
PHONE: 701-231-7671

Counseling Center Support / Therapy Group

Currently Not Available

On-Campus Dietitian / Nutritionist

Alexis Christoffersen, LRD

ADDRESS: North Dakota State University, Student Health Service, 1707 Centennial Blvd, Fargo, ND 58102
PHONE: 701-231-7331

On-Campus Medical Staff

Psychiatrists are available on site at the Counseling center for psychiatric evaluation and medication management for students.

ADDRESS: Counseling Center, 212 Ceres Hall, Fargo, ND
PHONE: 701-231-7671

On-Campus Eating Disorder Outreach Programs

The Body Project initiative is a program on college campuses across the country that builds upon discussions about body acceptance and body image for college aged females.

EMAIL: For more information about participating in The Body Project at NDSU or leading a group, please contact Emily Hegg at:

Programming for Athletes

Currently Not Available

Research Labs

NDSU Disordered Eating & Suicidal Behavior Lab looks at factors that relate to disordered eating and suicidal behavior including emotional, cultural, and interpersonal factors.

Dr Kathryn Gordon, Director


University Eating Disorder Program

Currently Not Available

ANAD Services

On Campus, In-Person Support Group:
Currently Not Available

Nearby, In-Person Support Group:
Currently Not Available

ANAD Recovery Mentorship Program
ANAD Helpline
ANAD Online Support Group
ANAD YouTube Recovery Channel

To update this listing or start ANAD Resources on your campus, please contact ANAD at

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