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University of Colorado Boulder

By September 13, 2017Colleges

University of Colorado Boulder

Willard Loop Dr,
Boulder, Colorado   80305


Eating Disorder Screening

Currently Not Available

Counseling Center Therapist

Mya Bethune, PhD, & Emily Kerr, Psy.D,

ADDRESS: Counseling & Psychology Services, 229 Willard Loop Dr, Boulder, CO
PHONE: 303-492-2277

Counseling Center Support / Therapy Group

Food and Feelings Process Group. Please contact any of the Counseling & Psychology locations for a pre group assessment.

ADDRESS: Counseling & Psychology Services, 229 Willard Loop Dr, Boulder, CO
PHONE: 303-492-2277

On-Campus Dietitian / Nutritionist

Kathleen Farrell, MS, RDN, CLT & Jane Reagan, RDN,  CEDRD, CLT, MEd. Please contact the Wardenberg Health Center to schedule an initial nutrition appointment. There are also basic consultations available at the Nutrition Resource Clinic at the Rec Center FitWell Office.

ADDRESS: Wardenberg Health Center, 1900 Wardenburg Dr, Boulder, CO 80309
PHONE: 303-492-2030

On-Campus Medical Staff

University of Colorado Boulder has a multidisciplinary approach for eating disorder treatment including medical and psychiatric evaluation for eating disorder recovery. Please contact the Wardenberg Health Center for a medical appointment for eating disorder evaluation.

ADDRESS: Wardenberg Health Center, 1900 Wardenberg Dr, Boulder, CO 80309
PHONE: 303-492-5432

On-Campus Eating Disorder Outreach Programs

Recovery Mind Workshop is a weekly, educational drop in workshop to help those in recovery and learn about different coping skills. Students do not need to be seeing a CAPS counselor to joint the workshop.

ADDRESS: Counseling & Psychology Services, 229 Willard Loop Dr, Boulder, CO
PHONE:  303-492-2277

Programming for Athletes

Chris Bader, Counseling & Sport Psychologist for the University of Colorado Athletic Department


Research Labs

Currently Not Available

University Eating Disorder Program

Currently Not Available

ANAD Services

On Campus, In-Person Support Group:
Currently Not Available

Nearby, In-Person Support Group:
Denver ANAD Support Group

ADDRESS: 1901 E 20th Ave, Denver, CO, 80205
PHONE: 303-322-3373

ANAD Recovery Mentorship Program
ANAD Helpline
ANAD Online Support Group
ANAD YouTube Recovery Channel

To update this listing or start ANAD Resources on your campus, please contact ANAD at

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