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The ANAD Blog is an educational blog space instructing women and men of all ages about disordered eating, wellness, body image, coping mechanisms, nutrition, self-esteem and empowerment.

ANAD’s mission continues to be to advocate for the development of healthy attitudes, bodies and behaviors. ANAD promotes eating disorder awareness, prevention, and recovery through supporting, educating, and connecting individuals, families, and professionals.

The blog posts reflect the opinions of the authors only and not ANAD itself.

If you would be interested in contributing to the ANAD blog, please contact us at Any entries must be written with the general public as the intended audience. Submissions should be between 600 and 800 words. Please define any clinical terms and avoid absolutes that present one person’s experience as the only experience. We will credit you with your full name, first name, or anonymously. Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis and will be reviewed and approved by the full staff, which may take several weeks.