How to Help Someone with an Eating Disorder

Eating disorders not only affect the individual suffering, but those around them as well.  As parents, family and friends we so much want to help our loved ones, but oftentimes don’t know what to say or feel the things we say are met with anger, frustration, denial or  avoidance.  ANAD has created a few brochures to help in this situation.

To download a copy of our “How to Help Someone” guide, click How to Help

When can exercise be too much of a good thing?  For more information, click Overexercise.

Have a friend in recovery and worried about saying the wrong thing? Click What Not To Say.

For another helpful list, click Caring for Someone With An Eating Disorder.

We also wish to remind you it is important that you, the family and friends, get help and support for yourselves.  Please consider attending family therapy, and/or an ANAD family and friends support group.

how to help

Overexercise Adcaring for someone with an eating disorder