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New! Eating Disorders Awareness Posters

ANAD is excited to present our new poster series to help spread eating disorders awareness!  With the help of supporters such as you, we can get these new posters in many schools, fitness centers and college campuses, etc across the country.  Please consider ordering your posters today at!  Posters are FREE, contact us for estimate of shipping and handling fees.  Donations are appreciated to help support this new program.

ANAD Bracelets ($1.00 ea)

Wear these silicone bracelets to spread a timeless message and raise awareness for eating disorders and ANAD. See a new color? Bracelets now come in red and say, “Wellness, not Weight” – to tell the world that we need to focus on healthy attitudes, bodies, and behaviors, instead of the number on the scale. Or, you can order our popular bracelets in purple that say, “Accept Yourself… Accept Others” – to remind people that feeling great about yourself starts through acceptance. The order can be a mix of both!

ANAD Pledge Cards

Want to have pledge cards to give out? Give them out at your event or to someone who needs a reminder.  Spread our “Accept Yourself… Accept Others” message through the ANAD Pledge and wear a purple ribbon to get people asking, “Why purple?”

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Print these referral cards out to have handy for someone who might confide that they are struggling and don’t know what to do next!  ANAD loves to help!