Support Group Leader

Support Group Leader

ANAD’s longest serving program is their eating disorder, self-help support groups. Self-help group support can help tremendously when someone is suffering with an eating disorder, because it allows them to share what they are feeling and thinking is a safe, non-threatening environment where they will not be judged for having an eating disorder.

It is not required that Support Group Leaders are clinicians nor have a background in psychology.

As a Support Group Leader, you will be responsible for:

  • Securing a free, safe and easily accessible location for members to meet on a regular basis
  • Committing to arriving on time to every group meeting, and if you are unable to attend, communicating this to ANAD and to your support group and providing a substitute leader if possible
  • Leading your group properly by following ANAD guidelines for how to lead a safe and supportive group

ANAD will help support its Support Group Leaders in the following ways:

  • ANAD is currently developing the ANAD Online Video Support Group Leaders Certification Training Program, which will become part of the process of becoming a Support Group Leader. Once you are approved as a Support Group Leader, you will be notified as soon as this training is available so you can complete this final part of the Support Group Leader Process.
  • Regular newsletters that provide additional, updated training information, articles written by current Support Group Leaders, tips to help make your support group successful and a good resource for all of its members, and advice on how to deal with any challenging situations that may arise in your group.
  • Regular Online Video Q&A sessions offered by different Support Group Leaders, Eating Disorder Professionals, and ANAD to answer any specific questions that you may have about running your group.
  • A dedicated email address where Support Group Leaders can contact ANAD staff with any questions or any requests for support for them in order to run their group successful.