Grocery Buddy

Do you find shopping for groceries overwhelming? Many people recovering from eating disorders have a hard time grocery shopping at all, because they are too anxious. ANAD is currently developing the ANAD Grocery Buddy support service that will train one your family members or friends to help support you with grocery shopping by doing the following:

  • Help you anticipate and plan out your grocery trip
  • Accompany you to the grocery store to help you pick out groceries from your list
  • Support you through any moments of anxiety or fear as you grocery shop together

Please fill out the request form below to request entry into the ANAD Grocery Buddy support service. Please have the name of a friend, family member or other loved one and their email address ready to enter into your request form.

The ANAD Grocery Buddy support service is still in progress, so please have patience as we work to roll out this great new program later in 2018!

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